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The SpatialGen platform makes high resolution streaming cheap and simple.

Use Cases

Development Timeline

SpatialGen customers directly influence our development timeline. Please contact us with requests.

July 2024

Live streaming public release

Release live streaming technology to SpatialGen.

June 2024

SpatialGen Platform Overhaul

Overhaul SpatialGen for full streaming needs.

May 2024

Live Streaming

Create SpatialGen live streaming technology before public release.

April 2024

SpatialGen Streaming For All Plans

Provide streaming capabilities for all SpatialGen customers.

April 2024

New SpatialGen Subs

Revamped plans for SpatialGen.

March 2024

SpatialGen API

API for all SpatialGen and HaloDepth products.

March 2024

SpatialGen App

Free visionOS streaming player for spatial and 180/360 immersive video.

Feb 10th, 2024

HaloDepth - On Demand Stereo Conversion

Standalone 2D ➡ 3D product. Re-engineered video processing pipeline to create the best stereo conversion results yet! No subscription required.

Feb 1th, 2024


Add the capability to create a MV-HEVC stream to the SpatialGen SDK/CLI.

Jan 1st, 2024

Enhanced Depth Option 2D ➡ 3D

Allow users to increase the depth in the 2D to 3D conversion process.

Dec 1st, 2023


SpatialGen SDK and CLI to interact with SpatialGen products on internal servers.